Saturday, May 23, 2009

Welcome, all! Several posts ago I put forth a suggestion that authors go into a sort of partnership with their publishers that includes contributing financially to the publication of their books. On my send-to list are many authors, some of Bridge Works fame, and others who have no connection to Bridge Works. The range of responses goes from total acceptance, to some-doubt-but willing-to-try, to complete rejection. Here's one of the first: I fully support the 50/50 idea of sharing expenses with the publisher (if it is a reputable publisher) because these ideas are new and bold. But if there are no royalties for the author, there should be no subsidiary rights for the publisher. That aspect of the agreement would need to be handled separately. Rosemary Aubert, Canadian author of the well-known and prize-winning mystery series starring Ellis Portal, judge turned homeless bum, with the city of Toronto and the Don River Valley playing starring roles.

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